“They trade in their high tops for nice sized white rocks” (Mr Eon)

May I get nostalgic a bit here? We are in front of a Vaider, the first model ever from Supra Footwear that I reviewed for The Maxiemillion. Well, not exactly the same: this is a Vaider LX to say it all. It’s hard for me to review it: just imagine that you have to describe your first love story.

I fell in love with the innovation that Supra brought to the table of skateboard footwear. Its team and the new concepts of shoes magnetized my attention to the point that I absolutely wanted to have one pair. That was like another era for me: so much time passed.

Now Supra Footwear is among the brands distributed by Blue and it’s getting all the attention that it deserves. The keyword when you are in front of this piece is upgrade. Think of this as the skateboard shoe that bears the same name of the Vaider but this one is its evolution, made with a lifestyle sneaker in mind.

This means that the outsole is the same of that Wolf boot from this brand that we saw here last November. This also means that a higher quality leather has been used in the production, like this distressed white suede with little cracks.

To keep the weight to a minìmum and to increase breathability you also have here what Supra calls “Black open cell diamond mesh tongue”. Even if I tried to be nostalgic I didn’t succeed: Supra is so fashion forward that I only want to see what’s next from this brand.

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