Supreme ● Crown Track Jacket

It’s a very simple equation: I love track jackets and Supreme has the crown of the coolest brand in the world (ask Louis Vuitton or Ben Davis if you don’t believe my words). How could I not be fascinated by this Crown Track Jacket? It has everything I ask to an apparel item. Its exclusive circulation, its subtle details that enhance an essential item and last but not least its color palette made me fall in love with such item.

I’m not one of those young cats that don’t know how to put together a crisp outfit and overcharge themselves with logos. Gone are those days, I have the gift of observation and this, through the decades, made me someone that pull out the right outfit at the right place.

Be a true king or a victim of this game, it’s up to you. I would avoid by any means more than one Supreme item worn simultaneously. If you have one, you know what’s up: show that your knowledge and taste go beyond this brand only.

Did I say taste? This item is pure excellence to my eyes. Its discreet red piping is very little in dimensions yet pops up with finesse against its blue background. Look how little or better yet microscopic is Supreme woven label stitched on the bottom, close to the hem.

You can really make this piquet track jacket work in your favor and come up with great results, when you wear it. Avoid denim of any kind by any means. Same for crazy print pajama type of printed pants. Wear chinos or cargo pants or better yet a twill jogger to contrast this item properly. My message here is: this item has the potential to look great, just don’t waste it with some wrong approach. Show them who the king is.

This item is of course sold out, being part of last month proposal. Give a look to the usual reselling websites if you came to the conclusion that a king life is meaningless without this item…

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