Sweet Sktbs ● Gone Script Denim strapback

Caps are never too much if you have a true passion for headwear. This blog can be counted in the number of headwear fans, no doubt: many brands passed by, a few stick with it, some others left and new ones came. Sweet Sktbs is not a “caps only” brand of course, being one of the main leading forces in European skateboard scene, but as you should know by now skateboarders love to rock a cap.

With this introduction I am telling you that from now on for we will venture in the headwear section of this brand whose caps deserve your attention. Under our inspection today is the Gone Script Denim snapback and, if I may say it… we are up to a sweet start. Following the trend of curved visor and unstructured crown known as Dad Cap, this item is very fresh. With its unwashed denim, a little 3D embroidery that you almost can’t see and a velcro closure this strapback is the result of an innovative formula on a classic standard.

It’s not the first time that we see a Sweet cap. Do you remember when we saw that 90-99ers snapback (also worn by Paola T like this one)? It was completely different, but as it’s easy to figure out headwear too follows the mood and the style of each one.

Just be yourself then and if you are feeling Sweet proposal check its section on Junkyard: the brand whose claim is “Scandinavian Heritage European Lunacy” has a lot to offer (and surely you will find something that will put you in a good mood).

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