Sweet Sktbs ● Plockepinn 5 panel cap

Our little “headwear special” concerning Sweet Sktbs is now at its last installment. Do you remember that I told it when we first saw that denim Dad Cap, followed by the super funny Beaches snapback? Then it was time for Kaleido snapback and now it’s the turn of the Plockepinn 5 panel cap. Nothing is missing if we talk about a basic selection of streetwear caps.

Do you remember Big Brother magazine when there was a title and the text was completely not fitting the title? Or when captions were not about the skater and its trick? I’m about to do the same today. May I talk about the newest member of the Sweet Sktbs team? I am really proud to tell you, in case you missed the news, that Marco Lambertucci is now on Sweet. The man is nothing short of legendary, on and off its skateboard and I am proud to count him among my friends. He is a rad skateboarder that everyone knows here in Italy and his fame reaches out the whole European territory.

But nothing can stop him when he’s all the way up in a skate expedition that may last up to a couple of months in Mi-yayo aka Miami. He is a proud carrier of mr. Reynolds frontside flip legacy but don’t think that he is a one trick man. Marco is kinda like the Method Man: rolls to a spot, skates that spot and smokes it. Him and Sweet together can come up with nothing but good things, with or without the Plockepinn 5 panel cap that Ylenia G is wearing. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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