Sweet Sktbs – Alvin Jacket

I don’t know about you but I am in love with varsity jackets since Grease. Yes, I was only 10 when this movie was the big thing in movie theaters so from my perspective a jacket of this style is synonymous with cool. I lost count of how may I have but this one from Sweet Skateboards is your must have piece. The Scandinavian skate brand that is developing price point collections that look sick was on The Maxiemillion not long ago with an outfit composed by a vintage snapback and a long sleeve tee. Considering that basically a varsity is a jacket that represents a university, this Alvin Jacket is here to tell the world where you graduated: in the streets. To put it in the words of the great Ian Mc Kaye: “skateboarding is a way to redefine the world around you”. You know when the ground is too rough, when a ledge does not grind you know how much wax to put on it and you know how loose you want your trucks or you can’t ride properly. These things don’t mean anything to a man that passes by the street riding his car but to you they are your ABC. Show your love. Show ’em whatcha got. Sweet Skateboards is localizing skateboarding with a simple plan: “Scandinavian Heritage European Lunacy”. You have a European playground where Sweet Skateboards are your toys and nothing can stop you from playing all day. Not even cold weather when you are sweaty after the session: this wool/polyester blend jacket will take care both of your health and your style. Pictures courtesy of Cor.Sara.

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