Sweet Sktbs ● Beaches snapback

When we talk Sweet Sktbs we must remember that it’s a brand with a European team but based in Sweden. Doing his thing since 1999 in the upper North, this brand whose claim is Scandinavian Heritage European Lunacy gave me a few caps to put to your attention, as I told you last time we saw an headwear piece from Sweet.

Being Sweden notorious for its fjords and not for his beaches makes me think that the thick 3d embroidery on the front of this snapback is more a wicked wordplay. It may allude to those fine females that don’t give you love and want that money of yours. The skateboarding community worldwide has always been linked to street life and therefor to street music: no matter if it’s punk or trap, metal or hip hop the B word has been around forever.

But maybe the designer wanted to give props to the ancestor of skateboarding: surfing. Where do you surf? On a beach with rad waves. Don’t you remember that skateboarding was born out of the boredom of a creative surfer?! The snapback worn by Valentina Z is for those that have no fever of the latest trend. What?! Shall we all have a Dad cap or we are lame?! Nonsense. Skaters do what they like, otherwise why is Jason Jessee still wearing that orange beanie in 2016?

Reminding closely of the structure of that 90-99ers snapback, this piece only lacks sand and sea but surely doesn’t lack in inspiration. Get inspired by Sweet browsing Junkyard website and if you don’t find this piece don’t worry: it’s a preview.

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