Sweet Sktbs ● Drop sweatpants

It was said at the end of the year that sweatpants were gaining momentum as an innovative way to cover your legs and so it went. Fits change and so does the general perception of these pants made of fleece, so if before it was a fashion faux pas, nowadays it seems a sort of a test that pretty much sounds like: “Let’s see if you can pull it off properly”.

So I started to give more and more attention to this type of garment and when I saw these Drop sweatpants I thought that this piece was the one I was looking for. Born from the creative designers at Sweet Sktbs (that probably spent a good amount of time peeping the moves of Josh Kalis at Love Park in Philly), this piece has it all. Not only its terry cloth fabric is quite lightweight, therefore perfect for this transitional moment, but its fit is superior. With a panel inserted in the crotch area to increase mobility, the Drop is less wide on the legs for a better look.

What makes the difference in this case are those two zippers on the pockets. Those long woven ribbons can be cut off if you don’t feel them or intertwined just like Junkyard website shows us. I left them long like you see here: so damn easy to open! If you skate with an average sweatpants the risk of losing what you have is major while the Drop takes care of your material possessions. All you have to do is not forget to pull the zippers. Am I asking much? Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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