Sweet Sktbs – Fifty Swirl crewneck

Sweet Sktbs is back once again with his version of a season favorite: the color block crewneck. After we gave a look to its cap and long sleeve tee outfit and then to its varsity jacket, we keep on exploring what this Swedish skate brand has to offer (beside monster tricks by our Italian hero Alessandro Cesario). Fifty Swirl is the name and putting colors together is the game. When a brand like Sweet plays with colors you have the whole Pantone into play. I gave you already a couple informations to get the picture of what is cooking here: Swedish style and skate ready colorways. The first is the attention played in picking up the right colors and the second is the typical creativity that comes from from skateboarding that involves reinventing for our own use every corner the city has to offer. This crewneck called Fifty Swirl has such name because of the swirl that gives a retro surf feeling to this item. Made of soft plush, the item worn here by Francesca T has the clean style that is either good on and off board. As you can see from the small print on the front and the little woven label on the side, details contribute to give you a real good product even if Sweet price is highly competitive (and we all know that skaters appreciate this). If your wheels are rolling on European soil, then you can probably relate to Sweet claim “Scandinavian Heritage European Lunacy”: no need to be a fake American if you are a real European. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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