Sweet Sktbs ● Jeans Skinny Colored

Innovation seems to be the keyword for what concerns the bottom part of our wardrobe. After we saw all types of new cuts of pants and after the fit went from baggy to slim, now it seems to settle around a sort of over-relaxed fit, I start to be a bit confused. I see a bit of everything around, to be honest so this sort of confusion, pushed me to experiment a bit with this Sweet Sktbs denim.

Called in a self explanatory way Jeans Skinny Colored, this pant is originally designed to be stretch but I tried to show it from a different perspective: a bit larger in size to have a relaxed fit. Don’t come to any conclusion please, because Sweet presents in its range all types of fit available on the market today. Like denims and chinos were not enough, I showed you already how this brand recently included in its range zippered pockets sweatpants to give you another option when you put together an outfit. This Jeans has that much needed 2% elastane to let you skate free to kick your feet all you want, without any restriction.

As far as its details, I love this label patch with a hole in shape of a question mark (remember when we saw here the same question mark on that Yestion t-shirt?). Same for those enameled rivets. You can cop online this denim and the rest of the Sweet Sktbs collection on Junkyard. You will be surprised by how the nice pricepoint formula of this brand can give you quality at the right price… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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