Sweet Sktbs ● Patch Kaleido snapback

While we are starting to get to that moment of the year where beanies are mandatory, we can’t forget that snapbacks are an all time favorite, no matter the season. As I wrote when we saw that Gone Script snapback, we are checking out a few snapbacks from Sweet Sktbs.

The Patch Kaleido snapback of today is not afraid to stand out as far as color goes. The headwear piece that we are looking at today has the same shape of the classic snapbacks that we have seen around in these last seasons. What is absolutely killer is this undefined mix of colors that goes from turquoise to pink via ochre yellow.

Keeping the part under the visor all green in order to help the skaters deal with the sunlight, this is the sportswear way: you don’t use the cap for fashion reasons but as an effective way to avoid direct sun rays. But this is not a limit in our case: the Patch Kaleido is either good on and off board.

Check how the shape of this cap stays flawless on Serenella M head: it’s the same one that we saw on the first snapback from Sweet that I posted. This cap is part of the preview that Sweet kindly allowed me to show you therefore it’s not available yet. For all the rest of the collection, just browse Junkyard website and you won’t be disappointed. So, if you want a beanie because you are not the type to wear such a flamboyant piece, don’t worry: there are a few available that may fit your style easily

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