Sweet Sktbs – Regular Insignia long sleeve t-shirt + 90-99ers snapback

Sweet Sktbs is a European unit that is shaking the skateboard world. Unlike any other skate brand, this one chose to go on a different route. Sweet philosophy stays true to its name: if we cut all the hype and we have nothing but the product (all the product you can think of, to be exact) won’t we make skaters happy with a reliable level of quality at the right price? No skate superheroes but people that stay in the streets to contribute to the interaction among stylists and function, in order to drop nothing but effective items. This is pretty much the guideline of this Scandinavian brand that can count in its ranks the skateboarding action of our local hero Ale Cesario. You can find everything you need in its range, from sunglasses and wax, to denims and leggings and of course decks and wheels. Today we check as a first introduction the Regular Insignia long sleeve t-shirt together with the 90-99ers snapback. The bold logo screen printed in an ivory tone on this long sleeve tee is quite epic and mysterious. It evokes a classic Middle Age stamp of approval of a Duke. Nothing is too crazy when the claim of your brand is “Scandinavian Heritage European Lunacy”. The snapback that Paola T is wearing is on a retro vibe. Drawing inspiration from the early 90s wave of sport snapbacks, this one seems one of those worn by NWA members. The vintage flavor is evident in any detail, from the shape to the embroidery up to the green under visor. Expect sweet things from this brand… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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