Sweet Sktbs – Regular Yestion t-shirt

Sweet Sktbs, the Swedish skate brand that is making a buzz here in Europe, is back on The Maxiemillion with something really fresh: a Yestion t-shirt in your face. So is called the mirrored question mark that this brand used over and over, from caps to labels of its denim production and it seemed only right to give it a little exposure here. The Yestion logo represents not only a question mark but also the S of Sweet so graphically speaking it is one of the main logos that this brand will keep on using for a long time. So, what is the question that you gotta reply yes to? A basic “Can i kick it?” à la Tribe Called Quest. Kicking a skateboard by this brand is… a sweet experience. Ask Ale Cesario, a rider whose pop is out of control or to his team mate Fabio Colombo whose nollie flips are precise and balanced. Not only you have premium hardware and apparel when we talk Sweet Sktbs but also a very interesting price point. Getting along nicely with the mentality of other Swedish brands the mission of Sweet is what you were waiting for: a range of items that can satisfy all your riding needs at a very affordable price, without compromising the quality. You can tell from these pictures of Sara T: the collar of the tee is low and wide, far from cheap blanks that are everywhere in skateboard apparel. Its fabric is thin and the screen printing is flawless. So my question is: what are you waiting for to cop some Sweet Sktbs gear? Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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