Sweet Sktbs x Helly Hansen ● Sweet HH Basic Block t-shirt

While the new Sweet Sktbs x Helly Hansen collab just dropped on Junkyard website, I still had the original tee from the first collaborative effort ever. Shall I leave it out of The Maxiemillion? Of course not, so let’s go!

I told you about the “Scandinavian Heritage European Lunacy” claim that rules this skateboard unit from Sweden, the very first time that I posted about an outfit from this brand. Then I told you not long ago how the aesthetic research and the fact of being close to each other made Sweet collaborate with its neighbor from Norway Helly Hansen. This capsule had the two brands worked together in order to reach that excellence that is the common target. It gained major consensus considering how Sweet gets perceived like an ever evolving skate brand: being close to a timeless classic of outdoor apparel only made its position more solid.

Sweet HH Basic Block t-shirt is designed by the code of nautical modus operandi where Helly Hansen excels. Very far from the average color block scheme, this tee has no print on the front and a screen print in the central part of the back. With the massive impact of a print where you see the two big Hs in the middle, this t-shirt is for the style ninjas out there. Those that make it seem like they are wearing a blank tee but once they take off their jacket… the back print pops out. I could see this item both on a skater during a photo session, if he is into switch back tails but even on a hypebeast looking for the ultimate 90s throwback.

Check closely the woven level sewn close to the hem: it says Helly Hansen on one side…

…and Sweet Sktbs on the other. Really sweet, I gotta admit. See you soon with new exciting products by this Swedish skate brand. In the meantime feel free to browse Junkyard website that has everything Sweet Sktbs and beyond.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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