Sweet Sktbs x Helly Hansen ● Sweet HH Sailing Jacket

It was a minute that Sweet Sktbs was missing from The Maxiemillion but it came back with a banger as you can see. You all know how I’m stuck in the 90s Golden Age of Hip Hop, right? I can claim that I bought Biggie’s “Ready To Die” in New York when it just came out, so you do the math.

Back then Helly Hansen was one of brands that you would see in the streets, worn by top players of the streetwear game. But the thing is… Hello Hansen is not a streetwear brand. The Swedish brand has gained international recognition as a maker of top sail jackets and outdoors items in general.

As it’s easy to understand the top level of quality of its apparel ready to endure the harsh New York climate, together with their bright colors represented a win win situation. One over all is Big L that in its “Put It On” video was rocking an Helly Hansen jacket. How about Ma$e, whose opening line in its “Top Of The world” track that went like “I went from Helly Hansen to mini mansions/The girls in Aruba doing belly dancin'”

Being Sweet Sktbs a staple in Swedish and European streetwear market, it was only right to give back to such a milestone and this is how the capsule Sweet Sktbs x Helly Hansen came along.

With its high degree of protection Sweet HH Sailing Jacket has a style sharp as a blade. You can rely on its Helly Tech® Protection that is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Check any detail of these pictures of Elena S and you will see its double cursor zipper but also its hidden hood in collar. Of course it has a couple of inner pockets and zip pockets outside. How about the reflective patches on sleeves?!

The whole capsule is available at Junkyard, give it a look there and come back here for more because this isn’t the only item of this collaboration that I will post…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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