Sweet Sktbs x Pepsi ● Sweet Pepsi Coach jacket + crew

Sweet Sktbs doesn’t stop picking up outstanding brands to collaborate with. I told you last time that we saw that Sweet HH Sailing Jacket that I would have been back with more and… here I am.



After a first class partner as the leader in nautical jackets, could you imagine that the follow up would have been a collaboration involving Pepsi?


I can’t do nothing but go back to 1983 when on the first glorious Suicidal Tendencies album Mike Muir in “Institutionalized” singed about wanting a Pepsi to drink as a product of mass consumption back then.


Pepsi marked the 80s and the 90s as a leader in the States, bypassing its main competitor and establishing its name in a larger than life way. Think that Madonna was making a commercial for Pepsi. And Michael Jackson too.


Its original logo screams pop culture and to create a capsule collaboration with Sweet Sktbs is a smart move that gets along in a sharp way with the general 90s throwback that streetwear is living of in these days.


While the Sweet Sktbs x Pepsi capsule includes several items, in this post we are focusing on the Sweet Pepsi Coach jacket that here Fabio F is wearing together with Sweet Pepsi Coach crew.


The coach jacket is made of a very thin nylon fabric and has a net lining, resulting a bit lighter compared to an average item of this kind. You have Sweet double branding on the front and on the woven label on the side, while the OG Pepsi logo reigns on your shoulders.


The crewneck, with its raglan cut, is ready for the upcoming season, being made of terry cloth fabric. With the same in-your-face branding of the coach jacket, this time on the front, Sweet left its branding for the back, close to the ring collar.


Check online the whole capsule collab on Junkyard: you know that nothing beats that website when it comes to Sweet…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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