Sykum ● YSK8 low

Did you skate kicks fans have fun here on The Maxiemillion this week? Plenty of news in a bunch of different styles, to skate like there is no tomorrow. If today is freezing, what are you gonna do? Wear this Sykum model here, sent in by Boma Agency, Italy and Slovenia distributor. I’m glad to introduce you the SK8 low in grey wool. What are you talking about?! Oh, you live in California and you never had cold feet?! Here in Europe winters are harsh and to find motivation to go out and skate is not easy at times, especially if the cold grey concrete is freezing. Being Sykum a brand by skateboarders for skateboarders, they thought that to push the limits is ok, both in skateboarding (when they go out to ride) and with shoe design (when they pick unexpected materials). A touch of finesse for skaters and an interesting part of an outfit even for those that don’t ride, with temperatures dropping here, this sure becomes a potential piece to consider. It’s the lowtop version of the other YSK8 that we saw last October in that sick blue suede and red gum sole combination. Different material for a basic design that gets bold, asymmetrical, very colourful with its rivets in your face on a basic grey wool fabric. This model, let me tell you, can’t wait to meet that varsity jacket of the same exact color that I reviewed here 8 days ago. With a colour combo that doesn’t lie, this shoe isn’t conceived about the looks only. At Sykum a team of German skaters that is more like a group of friends that has been together since 1999 is here to make sure your skateboard abuses their shoes. Do not disappoint them. Photo courtesy of Beatrice Sugliani.

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