Urban Classics ● TB410 shirt

Sometimes to mix is not good. Sweet and salted are not friends in most cases. So are navy blue and black. You don’t mix champagne and soda drinks and you don’t put off road tires on a fast sport car. But in this case Urban Classics felt like mixing denim and flannel and they couldn’t have had a better idea. This brand is the master of keeping it simple. No frills, no logos, just the substance, the right fit and the affordable price. At first it was just fleeces, varsities and tees of all types, then it was the time to add a basic denim line, then later on they evolved into designing pieces like this shirt. The item called TB 410 that Luca L is wearing today is part of the new items with flavor that Urban Classics is adding to its collection. Subject to change like the fast times we are living in, I am glad to tell you that this shirt mixed succesfully a denim that is close to chambray as far as consistency and a light flannel that gives that special touch even if, let’s face it, flannel shirts are slowly fading away. While I’m thinking of places and situations suitable for this shirt, nothing is safe from my immagination. Even bank clerks start to dress with pieces like this. And you my reader, no matter if you’re a skate dad with a couple of kids rather than an internet MC ready for his stage debut, no style issue can block you from wearing this item. Let your shop get in touch with Boma Agency, Urban Classics distributor for Italy and let the connection happen.

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