Urban Classics ● Hooded Checked Flannel TB415

This is definately that “red and black lumberjack with the hat to match” that Biggie was talking about. Well, probably not. There is a chance that the shirt that the Brooklyn mc rapped about had a regular collar and not a hoodie. Now that I think of it there is also a chance that it wasn’t a Urban Classics piece like this one. Of course it wasn’t: during Bad Boy golden age this brand didn’t exist yet. The situation is the following: don’t you feel like having the best of both worlds from a shirt and a hoodie? The shirt is a bit more stilish than a fleece but to have a hood in certain situations may be useful. In a simple but smart move this TB415 is the hooded checked flannel shirt that you have been looking for. As urban as concrete and traffic lights, this is a solution that is perfect for the moment we are in. A few weeks and it’s spring. This is a lightweight flannel so it may also become your substitute of a jacket during summer nights but nothing stops you from wearing this under your down jacket. I don’t know what can be more versatile than this item that Deborah C is rocking here. Red and black? Absolutely! No matter the flavor of the season these colors have been around forever and they are going nowhere. School, club, skatepark, walking the dog, shopping with your girl and so on: none of these situations are safe from the attack of the hooded red and black lumberjack, distributed in Italy by our people at Boma Agency. Ready to look good in yo’ hood?

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