“The black Frank White is here to excite/and throw dick to dykes” (The Notorious B.I.G.)

First of all: Frank 151 is fresh, funny and focused. The reasons are pretty much evident. Fresh because once you have Ghostface Killah & Theodore Unit rocking your caps, you’re set with the cool-o-meter. Funny because there is a lot of work behind every concept of any of these caps, yet you find yourself smiling when you look at one of these. Focused because the staff behind such an established brand name like this, doesn’t know the meaning of flop. We did talk about Frank when U God album came out, remember? Nothing much changed, beside the fact that Fabio L from Move/Vibrarecords eventually gave The Maxiemillion this cap. What me and Fabio love of this remarkable New Era 59fifty is the visor. Benjamin Franklin, not only resides on your favourite dollar bills, but even drops knowledge at us from this visor, as you can see: “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing”. This visor is talking to me. Don’t I write something worth reading? Isn’t this blog your favourite independent voice of the streets? Since it is, let me also add that Frank came out with a special edition/catalog of Casio G-Shock lately, full of interesting interviews. Enter the mind of different individuals like Todd Jordan, Mister Cartoon and the Maxiemillion favourite: Stevie Williams. Frank is so on point with his caps that he lets them on his website forever. You know that this cap has been around for a while, yet there are no reductions: it’s still 50 dollars on their website. I respect that. What? You wanted to pay less your blue Yankee fitted? Some stuff is out of time. Seasonless. It’s a monument to American culture and so is this F cap in the Tuff Gong colorway. Don’t look for it anywhere else but here at Move! Don’t worry if you can’t write like Benjamin suggests, do something with your life, I may be writing something about it one day…

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