The company formerly known as Fresh Jive.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I have the pleasure to announce you a new blog to check “Down with The Maxiemillion”: Spark the la. I find this blog refreshin: silly stuff and stuff that actually matters find their place there in a disorder that makes sense. Richard B is the man behind it. An individual that I met a few times but as Method Man once said “mind detect mind”, so I know that me and him share a few common points as far as taste and mentality goes. He’s in charge of Nike SB line but also of the clothing line that since 89 is familiar to the man who’s typing this: Fresh Jive. He kindly invited me to give support and spread the news about Rick Klotz latest idea. Welcome to the “no logo” label. Straight from the press release: “Beginning with our spring 2010 line, we will no longer be using our brand logo or name on any of our product, including all labeling and t shirt designs”. I really feel it, but I also felt the idea that ended up on Fresh Jive tee shirts when back in the days he designed logos heavily reminiscing of Quiksilver, Stussy and Obey and he called the operation “The Mad Parody Series”. I consider this a brilliant action. To all those that doesn’t know how it goes far from their house, in some California areas you may get nausea from those brands and probably mr Klotz wanted to make a statement like “These logos aren’t going to make you any special. See, me too I can print them on my t shirts”. The no logo label is probably tryin’ to say once again: “be somebody because of your persona, not because of what you wear”. I’m down with him 100%. My best friends don’t dress like I do and people that dress like I do are probably… not my friends. To be and to have are not the same verb. You couldn’t enter The Maxiemillion in a better way, Richard. It’s up to us to make them think, sometimes. Let’s just hope that there is any brain left.

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