“The diamonds, the chains, the bracelets, the charmses/I thought my Jesus piece was so harmless” (Kanye West)

“It was all a dream, I used to sell hardware as my thing…” This is what Nick Tershay should be around singing like he was Biggie. Nick T aka Nick Diamond is the founder of Diamond Supply co. In a rags to riches tale, I don’t really know his financial situation now but I know that, from selling skateboard nuts and bearings, to dropping these fine lambskin leather kicks called Brilliant, a lot of water passed under the bridge. Diamond is now a trendsetter in streetwear. It’s the gear of the champs (that’s what Nyjah Houston wears all the time) but at the same time it’s the choice of fresh street cats. How can it be so legit at both ends of the spectrum I don’t know, but that’s how it goes. Diamond Supply Co footwear collection consist of five styles, inspired by some of Nick’s (and everybody’s) favorite sneakers. I deeply respect in fact the ability that he has to drop what people expect from him in what you can call perfect timing. The above sneakers are sleek and made of top quality materials. They shine, like a Diamond should. The Brilliant here is… brilliant. Wear it everywhere, no problem. From the cold sheets of steel of the pavement of your office, to the concrete of the sidewalk in front of your club, you can almost go to a wedding with these. What is behind this deal is none else than DVS. After years and years of collaborations among the two brands, an exclusive licensing agreement with Diamond Supply Co. was the natural evolution for all this. I remember, it was january 2009 when this blog here posted a Diamond belt, while I was moving my first steps in digital journalism. A few things changed from then. I write better pieces and I take better pictures. In this case, since I wanted to impress Fresco Distribution that kindly gave me these to review, I used the photographic skills of Joz over at Project-On studio. On subject of Fresco, Franz JH informed me that you will find these fine kicks in Italian shops in a matter of 10 days or something like that. Where? Try to hit your local shop that carries DVS products and if he hasn’t these Brilliant, I’m pretty sure that Sub shop will put them in their online shop for your digital cart desires. Diamond is the online shopper best friend.

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