The Dudes ● Another Bright Day t-shirt

How pleasant is the return of The Dudes on The Maxiemillion?! I first showed you last month how this brand felt like giving us the funny side of streetwear, with an unathletic approach, starting with Teddy Fleece.

The cat smoking a cigarette emblem could not communicate in a better way the carefree attitude of The Dudes, a crew of friends that at a point was simply fed up with the way streetwear was proposed. The always ready to perform, healthy image does not correspond to the reality of these Dudes from Berlin. Let’s not forget that one of the basic principles of our world is to be original and in this aspect this brand totally succeeded.

Fresco Distribution, that always keeps an eye opened to maintain his roster of brands… fresh, is now in charge of distributing this brand for Italian territory. The thing doesn’t catch me by surprise, considering how on point Fresco has always been picking up the right brand to deal with

Bright days and wasted nights? For sure! It is the message from this Another Bright Day t-shirt that got my attention for more than a reason. I’m talking about positioning, dimensions and color palette. This black cat that spent the whole night partying is showing a pair of huge sunglasses in order to not be bothered. This needed to be represented properly with a quite wide print on the center of the t-shirt, just to make sure the message is loud and clear, but what makes this tee special is also its color tones.


While it’s easy to succeed if you screenprint a black or a white tee, this time The Dudes went the hard way, printing in white a navy blue tee. Do you find this daring? Hard to match? You shouldn’t match it properly: wear it as you feel, your day will be bright in any case, just remember to take off your shades at night (or leave them on, now that I think about it…).


Are you feeling this brand as your cup of tea (should I say your glass of whiskey?)? You are only a couple of clicks away from The Dudes website, dude…

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