The Dudes ● Raviolo Shirt

If once streetwear was based on principles of creativity and originality, nowadays it is a sort of “parallel fashion”. This means that if streetwear brand X has in its range cargo pants, flannels, backpacks and bucket hats rest assured that brand Y will not introduce in its range plain chinos, sunglasses and trucker caps. Creativity is missing in this bunch of copycats brands. Then there is a brand called The Dudes.


If we take a minute to look back to all the previous posts I made about The Dudes, it is evident: it’s not an average brand. Sherpa has a lot of traction now? Let’s create Teddy fleece, the sherpa hoodie. Large prints are catching up? Let’s create Another Bright day tee printed on a blue tee instead of a black one. Now, what could this brand ever create when it comes to short sleeve shirts?


Forget prints of palm trees and women with flower necklaces: The Dudes is a unit from Berlin whose unathletic approach to city life manifests through its apparel collection and this item is no exception.


Raviolo shirt is an ode to Italian cuisine and to random conscious sex. You may be on diet and you may get laid with your girl only but you can’t ignore the genius served at you with this item.


Both ravioli and condoms are squared objects whose content is strictly tied to different levels of pleasure, be it pleasure of your guts or slightly below it.


The trick that gets my thumb up is the subtle effect of this pattern. You don’t realize what is actually represented but the more you get close to it the more you realize the odd couple of items portrayed. It’s the item to wear on a Summer barbecue to laugh while you sip back to back beers or you may be a tattoo artist and wear this tencil shirt to work on any given day.


According to how flamboyant is your personal style you can find more than a way to rock this shirt, part of the proposal of this brand that recently joined Fresco Dist roster. Wait no longer: you are the dude ready to rock The Dudes properly!

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