The Dudes ● Teddy Fleece

Just when you thought that Winter would took over, that it could not get any more grey than this… here I am, coming to the rescue. What we need in such scenario is a warm garment that makes us smile. Something cool and out of the ordinary and fortunately was needed at this point in time and Fresco Distribution served me a steaming hot item part of the collection of the new entry in its roster. My readers, are you ready for The Dudes?

Coming from that corner of europe called Berlin, where creativity is never lacking and streetwear is a consolidated reality, The Dudes is a collective of friends with the same principles. No sports involved here but a healthy passion for beer, whisky and cigarettes.

Such unothodox approach to streetwear gives life to outstanding results that couldn’t get any sharper, like in the case of this Teddy Fleece. Inspired by sherpa lining, one of the materials that together with triacetate, celebrates a “poor ethos” that seems to reflect the current state of things, this item has an automatic appeal.

Is there a way to resist a hoodie made of the material originally used in the 90’s as a lining of your denim jacket? I think not and the funny smoking cat that embodies The Dudes movement sure doesn’t help.

Laying in 2010 the foundation of what the brand is today and developing several successful seasons after that, is what took Fresco to foresee a bright future for this brand. From what I have seen on The Dudes website I could not agree more: originality speaks volumes and eside this I don’t see many of us that want to turn down a good reason to smile, in recent times.

Basically this hoodie can be worn in many different ways. You may be a modern day punkette with skirt and ripped stockings rather than a follower of the outdoor trend combining 80’s inspired colorways and fits and there is nothing out of place rocking Teddy hoodie as you feel. You just need the real Dude attitude to pull it off (and that is not included…).

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