The Farm Industries – Beats For Breakfast hoodie + mug

I don’t think I told you already: Simone DJ MS is a little big genius. Fueled by his passion for beatmaking, when it comes to his brand The Farm Industries he took everything to the next level, combining music and clothing into it. We have seen a couple of pieces already such as Donut t-shirt and Propaganda t-shirt and they were really nice, but this time DJ MS is coming at you with a double banger. Do you remember the logo on that cereal box that you kept on watching while you had breakfast half asleep? That’s the perfect idea for a graphic flip that looks good on this hoodie that Serenella M is wearing. But beside this Beats For Breakfast hoodie, that design was too brilliant to leave it alone. What’s more crucial in a breakfast than a mug? That’s what DJ MS thought and here the design in three colors of this Beats For Breakfast mug gets to shine even more. These items feel nice because it has been designed by someone that vibes on the same stuff that makes you vibe and this is the key of the style of this brand. I think that you may sum this with a quote: “by the homies for the homies“. DJ MS did not lose any energy over previous collections and right now he is busy preparing the latest touch of the new collection that will be posted online real soon. Do yourself a favor: be a wise homie and peep The Farm Industries website (there are a few interesting discounted items too…). Headphones courtesy of Skullcandy. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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