The Farm Industries – Propaganda t-shirt

What is religion if not another massive form of propaganda? They put fear in you, they tell you what you should do and what you should be facing once you are dead but the thing is that religions are nothing but worldwide companies. The Farm Industries doesn’t believe all this. That’s why in this Propaganda t-shirt there is a strong message against these organizations that just want to steal your freedom in order to get your money too. DJ MS sent me this item together with that Donut t-shirt from The Farm Industries that we saw here not long ago and I couldn’t be happier about it. Its style is timeless, regrouping symbols of different religions in order to form a sick skull. You have seen skulls everywhere but no one with such a strong message hidden. It’s no surprise that this design does not lack in inspiration: DJ MS is knee deep into music and creativity, being among other things the stage DJ of Nitro Wilson. This piece that Paola T is wearing has been crafted with care, with front and back print and a label on the sleeve. Like this wasn’t enough to give you the utmost quality price rate, there is also a sticker on the price tag and a little badge. So once again it’s up to you to decide what to represent when you wear your next t-shirt. If I was you I would support a young DJ that believes in his dreams and pushes his passion up to to create a brand and its related website. Just sayin’… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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