“The ill type, I stab myself with a steel spike/while I blow my brain out, just to see what it feels like” (Eminem)

To be or not to be? Be nice or tell the truth? Leave the dream intact and just be funny and friendly or explain to the public the reasons why I don’t go crazy about Eastpak? I still don’t know which way to go as I’m writing this. Let’s just say that somebody at Eastpak Italia is not as friendly as I am now. Here in this post I am giving some valuable space to what they do and giving coverage to their event in Milan, anyway.
Starting from the top, to make one thing clear, I am down with Copson street. Simple and plain. Maria Falbo, the brain behind such a giant of the UK blog scene has created a funny outlet for her creative side where she shares with the world what she likes, with the help of a few femake skate ripper friends and Manchester dj wondergirl Esqueezy. Copson may be showin’ you a pair of Baby Blue SB Janoskis and Ralph Lo boxers one day or a mix by the above mentioned dj another day. Funny stuff. Stylish pics. Flava of the day. No pressure. Taking things as they come with mucho steelo. Being Maria on top of all things fresh, since she is part of Sane Communications staff, she found a way to make her blog known in the Euro street scene: make her own version of the basic padded Eastpak backpack that you can see pretty much everywhere be it a school or a skatepark. There is an event in Milan at XL Combines on Thursday where there will be an expo of all the versions of this classic backpack remixed by Euro artists. The whole thing reminds me something but I can’t remember exactely what… At the event you will have the possibility to touch and feel the above concepts by Copson street. Tropical urban with a smile and much attitude. How many times did you see spikes, pins and patches on this basic item when you walk around? Maria thought that it would be much en vogue to turn this street item into a fashionable object of desires. The fake punk comeback got us all, but to put spikes on an aqua green backpack is a whole ‘nother ballgame. I can’t do nothing but stare and clap my hands, because a friendly funny fashion frenzy is what I expect to fit in The Maxiemillion vibe. Brava!


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