“The raw ingredients, with hands on experience/with Nissan trucks, worth a hundred thousand bucks” (Kool Keith)

I had the book with all the production of Jim Phillips titled “Surf, skate and rock art of Jim Phillips“, but I lost it. I took it to the shop where I worked then… pouf! it disappeared. I don’t want to think about it now, I only want to think about art, get elevated from material objects and get on another level. Jim Phillips production is exactely there: on another level. Once a hippie particularly gifted with his hand, nowadays a legend that gave us a gift: the screaming hand.
Jim put a benchmark in what you call skateboard graphics. In the big five period (big 5 = Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Vision, Sims & Schmitt Stixx) he created a few legendary designs that still live to this day. The screaming hand is probably inspired by the sliding noise of the wheels on the concrete. Just my opinion, this is not a fact, pay attention. When I was working at Crazy Papaia Team shop when I was 20, you had “Wheels of fire” video coming out and kids would die to have a set of wheels by Santa Cruz. Let alone to also have the Screaming Hand tee shirt. I had one and I was proud to say the least. This design survived decades and it’s still alive and doing well if I have to say it all. It seems like the Hand is running for President of the United Skates of America. But this blog is from Italy, I thought you knew, so I gotta keep you informed on what goes on in this area, isn’t it?! Here Boardcore s.r.l. has the pleasure to distribute Santa Cruz products and since The Maxiemillion is in good relationship with them I had the chance to give you a sneak peek of what will be on the shelves of your favourites skate & snow shops next season. Ferdi C meet up with me the other day and here are a few pics of the Yes collection: Yes Hand tee, Yes Hand belt and Yes Hand boardie. You have been noticing this style everywhere in the latest months so here we go, keeping up the new tradition. Beside art itself, technically speaking the t-shirt has a nice slim fit and a distressed feel that make it a sweet item, the belt is made of faux leather with an impressive clear print and the boardshort is made of SC Stretch 4 ways. I know, you’re smart and you guessed it: it stretches up and down, left and right. I give my vote to Hand: United Skates of America will be in his power.

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