“The struggle is beautiful/I’m too strong for you to slave me” (Talib Kweli)

Me and Roc B connect. Blow a fuse, you lose. Roc B is the return of the boom bap. He masters the universal sound that trascends the barrier of time and space. Also known to you and your homies as Shocca or as the more complete Dj Shocca, his name appeared on The Maxiemillion already. It was October 2009 when this blog first introduced you a Rehab tee shirt. A clothing company born out of a collaboration with another dj friend, this was the first step for Shocca to approach the clothing world. More familiar with MPC and samples, this dj producer felt he could relate to this urban phenomenon following the same plan that he uses for music: lots of style and a raw attitude. Built street tough. From Rehab tee shirt, the following step was that Rehab jacket with its classic old school satin flavor. Let time pass and let things settle and after a few adjustments, Unlimited Struggle‘s own clothing line is on and poppin’. Rehab no more, Unlimited Struggle is the ghetto gold and platinum respected label where all Shoccas productions see the light of the day. Following the basic principles “peace, love, unity and having fun” he thought he’d better say peace to the old project, show love to the next one, hence unify his clothing company and his record label. The one that has fun is you, player. Not only now you can get quality sounds, but also underground clothing that shows your love for the culture from a don point of view. Only a true street don infact could envision a remake of a”Los Angeles Raiders” vintage snapback that says Unlimited Struggle with the words “Knowledge is power” embroidered on the back. Black and grey. This is far from your flavour of the month here, but an everlasting combination. A snapback like this is history for me, it’s not your everyday limited cap. Street classic. Not to be confused with “Real classic sh*t“, the latest Mistaman anthem out on this label that got real heads nodding in agreement these days. As you can see, from music to clothing we gotcha covered, kid. Get this Unlimited Struggle Classic snapback at Markershop eShop here. Now or never. Special thanks to Mattia Dal Bello, photographer from Sabotage club staff and Marie CP for the shooting. You make the cap look even better.


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