The Yard ● Orange Camo Hashtag mask

How are you coping with Covid phase 2? Are you keeping that necessary social distancing to stay safe? Do you have your selection of masks handy? I didn’t use the word “selection of masks” by accident because… this is what happened at my headquarters: according to where I need to go I may wear one, instead of another.

Not only medical masks but washable fabric masks come into play when you feel like going out and it’s mandatory to look good as you should. So I started to dig deep in order to figure out which were the crispiest that I may include in my outfits and at this point I discovered The Yard. This street fashion store is a specialist in sneakers customization and I got introduced to it through my friend Mara B that you saw here already. To my surprise Dany the owner was feeling my work on the blog so we arranged to meet at his shop so I could touch and feel what his passion is all about.

In a brilliant mix where sportswear brands are proposed close to casual brands the shop retail space is captivating and fresh. Beside this, The Yard is proposing its own private label that has shirts and t-shirts beside the vital accessory that we are checking out today: Orange Camo Hashtag mask.

Check the range of different mask designs, that you can protect your health without forgetting about freshness. I picked this one in all honesty because of my iPhone cover whose design is… orange camo: it goes without saying that when I point my phone to shoot a photo and I wear that mask the “crisp factor” goes bananas.

At this point if I was you I would check The Yard Instagram and in order to get your hands on a mask or on something else, get in touch with this local store. It’s brick and mortar shops like this, with a lot to offer for what concerns selection and service, that usually come up with the gems that shine the most…

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