“Their activities are plenty in nightime/For the ghetto child, it seems to be the right time” (A tribe called quest)

Two homies, one went to a British pub to get a few pints down and the other one just stayed outside to watch the moon. The pub had that good ole typical wallpaper you love to see everywhere when you’re in the UK. In the garden there is a tree with a cat on it, calm but psyched on how shining is the lonely satellite tonight. Of course the one that stayed in the garden is gonna drive the other one home. They’re real friends, they take turns at this scenario. They did it forever. Real friends don’t need to talk much about how close they are and why it is so good to go out together. This time the full moon is influencing the malt vision on how the wallpaper on the walls of the pub looks. Not like he did take some psychedelic drugs, but with a funny smile, the one inside the pub imagines a wallpaper that has skulls and rabbits in it. A girl notices his smile and they start to talk. Talk is cheap but this time it’s friendly and spontaneous. A very open minded girl, she works as a graphic designer, rocks some gold Supras and her messy black and purple hair talks about her strong personality that fears nothing and no one. She likes the idea of a funny wallpaper and since she is into all sort of graphic stuff, she tells him that that same month the artist known to the world as Jeremy Fish came out with a Superfishal New Era 59fifty that has a pattern similar to the one our friend imagined. Meanwhile in the garden there is a huge cloud that is making the moon less visible, so our character starts to look around. Close to him there is a girl with an Upper Playground Herbert Baglione New Era cap on. Looks like a joke but the cap has a cat on a tree watching the full moon. She is just moody and a bit hangover from the night before, so she doesn’t feel like drinking. That’s why she decided it was ok to go out with her graphic designer friend that wanted to party a bit that night. No words went down, just a smile and they now sit close to each other. It’s time to leave now and the silent couple didn’t exchange a word but they don’t feel like splitting. The malt connaisseurs want to go over to the girl apartment to see some of her works they talked about all night long. That’s what the four friends will do (at first…). See what a New Era cap from Upper Playground can do for you? Help you socialize. No matter if you’re drunk or sober.

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