These apes are mad clean, not like those at the zoo.

To make a long story short, this japanese wonderboy called Nigo founded a successful overpriced (shall i call it “top range” or “high end”, not to sound disrespectful?) company called A Bathing Ape, that turned him into a millionaire and made the fortune of Ebay bootleggers.
Beware of imitation Bape (same company, different way to call it) products: they’re everywhere. Google your way through how to recognize real from fake products from this company and you’re guaranteed to waste a good half of your afternoon. I wasted some time myself with this box. Not that I’m intentioned to have a baby, or that I suffer from an hyperextended Peter Pan syndrome that makes me want to get dressed like a kid more than I already do, but I couldn’t resist and review this item. First I left it in the plastic wrap forever and today I wanted to know what the deal was. This is a kids collection catalogue that wraps a box containing an ape shaped (read Baby Milo) container that Nigo wants us to get as a nursery school lunchbox. You can put food in it. Nothing to deal with Cheech and Chong that would have had other ideas about it. What’s remarkable in all this? You can have in your hands a japanese publication that, following the national rules, you have to start to read from last page. This alone has mad point in awesomeness scale.
In the magazine there is the whole f/w 2008 kids collection that features a collaboration with Isetan, that my sources give me as a top department store in Japan. You can also have a precious sheet of stickers inside the magazine and a bunch of informations written in Japanese that actually is not my point of strenght. Pictures come handy sometimes. This time the packaging concept excels the product itself, so I’m glad to support a company that not only overcharges the price of its products but also comes with unique concepts that worth a thumb up for the originality.

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