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It’s mathematics. Cats get older and stronger but what about those stale office attires, family dinners and kids to pick up at school? You were at the skate spot not long ago but time flies, you got a job that requires an attire, you got married and now your kids start to ask you whatever question comes to their little innocent mind. Nothing lasts forever beside your inner child. To let that child smile, nothing comes more helpful than Element Prescott Elite. Part of their Emerald collection, this desert boot has a clean look yet it’s heavy on those Indian style details. This is what you would expect on Steve Mc Queen feet when he took some time off Hollywood and was riding around the country with his Indian motorcycle. Element gives us something this time that is totally non-performance footwear with high standards exactely like their skate kicks that we saw and inspected last time. Premium full grain suede, contrast stitching with that hand made look and the unusual lacing system makes this a model that stands out. For those who look for an extra clean design there are two more Prescott to check out. Pay attention: these last two are only available online and are not distributed by Funnel srl. Leave Native American style details to the Prescot Elite alone. Gotta give it to Element for the elegance and the functionality of their collections. Year after year we have seen a natural progression that take this brand towards new heights with brilliant results. I wish I could roam through the elements with the nonchalant attidude of founder Johnny Schillieref. He made city streets blend with the great outdoors, modern life with Indian tepees and still make sense. To bring back lost elements in our everyday life seems to do good to our routine. Don’t you feel protected from the branches of Element tree? Everybody does and, sure as hell, I give up to him as far as development of a brand, he is the undisputed king to my eyes. Beside good products, he feels like his duty to the global community is to give back to what made him shine at the beginning: skateboarding. Just remember to never skate with your Prescott Elite on, these are for your (still) valuable moments with no deck under your feet.

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