This is satin and my man the Walrus is ready for this jam

What do they put in New Era caps to make em so addictive is unknown to me. But let’s not confuse: you go to the wine section at the supermarket and you don’t buy a Chianti classico thinking you have in your cart a Moet & Chandon. These are the Moet & Chandon of caps. Rare stuff that costs time and cerebral cortex. What am I talking about? This is not an N and a Y crossed. This is (hats off) a sublimated print on satin of David Choe art called Mural. Say that again five times faster and faster. Then get crazy peeping all the details because in this fine print no detail is lost in the process. Fifty 24SF Gallery is the brand behind Upper Playground umbrella that is offering us this jewel. Thanks a lot, you raised the bar as far as level of craftmanship goes. Take it higher and higher for all I care, I’m down with it.
Next in line is this other jewel (what is this? Jacob & co.?!) that offers you one of the most en vogue colours in these last two years: purple. Prince came out with Purple rain a long time ago but this shade of purple was even popular on Robert Smith shirts in the same period. Wait this is not The Cure fan club, this is The Maxiemillion, so I just gotta tell you two things: I love these colours and I love the Walrus. Especially when it’s on a cap embroidered this thick and it’s all over. Of course the under-brim is matching, what u think this is?! I told u it’s The Maxiemillion! For you matching fiend not satisfied with an under-brim, browse here or here for more matching madness…

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