This statement is bold: all that glitters ain’t gold.

A little news from Big Spin Distribution camp. Mauro P informed me that no longer Mighty Healthy is under Empire distribution control, as I told you last time. This bird is now flying on his own. This means that in the future we may expect from them something more then tees, hoodies and caps, but also denim and jackets. I can’t wait. Their flavour makes them one of the most interesting brands around. Back to us what we have here is a statement that goes like this: those who win skate trophies suck. Of course, if you’re part of the New York scene, you grew up dreaming of lines through traffic and not-made-for-skate spots where you have to adapt and make it look good even if the spot isn’t perfect. Somebody call this style quick feet (as in “quick to take position for the next trick”). FYI go and peep any Eastern Exposure video to understand what I’m talking about. This attitude is the opposite of the one rooted in people like Andy Macdonald where you do it for the crowd, the money and … the trophy! I gotta admit that I’m caught up in the middle. Ryan Scheckler crib full of trophies doesn’t look that bad to me….

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