Thrasher ● Argentina t-shirt

There is a magic aura around Thrasher logo for those who know. Then you may be a kid that doesn’t skate and wears a Thrasher tee because your school mates do, but this is another aspect that we won’t go into. I was a subscriber for many years before the internet and to me this skate magazine carries a lot more value than a media: it represents a movement and its ethic. Think MC Hammer hit: can’t touch this!

For a matter of curiosity and considering my past of skate journalist, I was always attracted by “the Mag” and of course by the people behind it so I started to read each and every name on it. So beside the skaters I slowly started to take note of who shot what. So I get to notice that Block aka Cesario Montano shot most photos at Venice Pavillion, rather than Bryce Kanights shot OG SF locals and MoFo aka Mörizen Föche was shooting it all: from Santa Monica banks to the top deck of a vert ramp when Gator was skating, he was there.

Then of course I also read the column called colophon and I noticed that Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson founded Thrasher, in 1981 to be exact. Little did I know that Fausto, with his Italian sounding name, was actually born in Argentina and this explains a lot about this item. The Mag dedicated to his beloved founder this Argentina t-shirt as a tribute, showing at the same time how the love for the Skate and Destroy attitude is a worldwide thing.

What you see hidden at the center of the Thrasher logo is the flag of Fausto’s motherland, complete with the icon of the sun and the baby blue fields on the side. The moral of the story is that those that think Thrasher is just a cool t-shirt to wear couldn’t be more far from the truth. Thrasher was, is and always will be a milestone of skate culture.

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