Thrasher ● Gonz Cover t-shirt

It ain’t hard to tell: Mark Gonzales is the illest. Not that he is at the hospital right now, hell no: I’m saying it in street slang. Just like Big in Unbelievable: Biggie Smalls is the illest.

Gonz is the ultimate legendary skater, the gift that keeps on giving, the godfather whose claim could be: “been there done that”. It was just the other day that top skate photographer Grant Brittain posted a picture from 89 where he ollied a channel at a contest in Hawaii that nobody else cleared. Same for the Meanwhile gap in London. Shall we talk about the first time that he cleared the infamous Gonz gap at Embarcadero?

It is no secret that he is my idol: the skater called Gonz is synonymous with genuine and spontaneous creativity and a one of a kind style. He can’t be labeled. To me he is not “a pro skateboarder”: he is an icon that still loves to skate after all these years. Don’t forget that he earned his first pro model in 1985 for being a street skater even if he had some respectable vert skills.

Last but not least Mark is a visual artist: beside the graphics of its own skateboard brand Krooked, he works a lot alongside his footwear sponsor and other interesting freelance projects.

The Gonz gets a lot of love by the Thrasher Magazine clique too: beside being on its infamous Use a skate Go to prison tee that has been out forever he draw another tee. Well, he actually draw a Thrasher cover in May 1994 that, in order to give back to such a representative character of skateboard culture, became a t-shirt. Making fun of posers who care a lot about their looks and a lot less about their tricks and style, this Gonz Cover t-shirt here worn by Jhoyra V is a timeless bomb.
It has an authentic value if you care about our culture. Search no further: ask Fresco Distribution where the nearest shop that carries Thrasher is. I suggest a rad level of skating if you wear this item…
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