Thrasher ● Logo Patch Beanie

The GZA told you a long time ago: it’s a cold world. Everybody tripping on his social media, eyes to the screen of their smartphone. Everybody projecting an image far from actual life and even those that know you, pretend they don’t, when they bump into you.

The more time passes and the more money seems to be the ultimate motivation, putting feelings and family far from being a priority. We at The Maxiemillion (me and my freelance photographers) can’t really help about this state of things but we have a suggestion: go skate. Enjoy some time off your phone, breathe deeply, feel the excitement of landing a rad trick, smile at the others on the spot during the session… all this will clear your mind and make your world a little warmer.

In order to increase the temperature even more, wear a Thrasher beanie. It’s been like this ever since, before Natas did that spin that bears his name, before H-Street told you to shackle it not and even before Gonz had his first pro model: Thrasher Magazine merchandising represents skateboarding right.

I remember like it was yesterday the first Thrasher beanie I have ever saw. It was 1989 and I was working as a freelance writer for XXX Skateboard Magazine. There was Ban This video premiere that night and during the afternoon I had the chance to sneak into a session with the likes of Steve Saiz and Ray Barbee. I was honored of course and being young I was inspecting every little detail of the American pros. Never before I saw a skate beanie, let alone with Thrasher logo embroidered on it but that’s what Ray Barbee was wearing.

After that encounter I made sure to order one (back then it wasn’t distributed by Fresco Dist like it is now) from San Francisco Thrasher headquarters and by doing so I thought I could get closer to what was one of my idols back then. Pay attention: this beanie is not embroidered like Ray’s: it has a patch. That’s why its name is Logo Patch Beanie. But this is Thrasher and you shouldn’t care, it’s always dope!

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