Thrasher ● Skate and Destroy hoodie

We tend to spend too much time on our smartphones but let’s not forget that sometimes they serve to create connections that otherwise would not happen. Think about how many times you get in contact through Instagram with your music idols rather than your favorite brands. To me Instagram recently served as a platform to show what my blog is all about to Black Palm Shop.

Following the good ole plot “real recognize real” we started to chat and to our surprise we found a lot of common ground in what we deal with. This shop located in the surroundings of Lecce made a good job selecting streetwear and sneakers including many of the brands that I already posted here. Checking its proposal carefully on its website I found a lot of opportunities that you may consider to have a contemporary image.

I ended up stuck in Thrasher section where beside other Thrasher t-shirts and Thrasher hoodies I found the classic of all classics: Skate and Destroy hoodie. I can’t forget how the little sticker with this logo ended up on my front truck back in the day and it stayed there for long.

This design is an evergreen that goes back to the origins of the Skate Bible, so popular that it ain’t hard to download its font from one of the many free fonts sites. It even gave the name on a retrospective book showcasing the first 25 years of Thrasher.

Skaters destroy conventions and gravity thanks to their magic carpet and this is one of the reasons why lately the attention of the masses shifted towards this lifestyle as one of the most genuine ways to be street.

Black Palm Shop made me think of how crazy it is to live far from someone and to have a common path: the diffusion of apparel to let you have a fresh style. If you live in that area go support this store but you can do it from any corner of Italy, considering how reliable and effective is Black Palm Shop online store.
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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