Thrasher ● Skategoat Raglan

Even if I am a 52 years old washed up skater I still go to the local skate plaza for a ride when I can (but most of all when I feel like). I was there just a couple of hours ago and in the warm up phase I was thinking in a corner of my mind that I had to come home and write this post.

Hyped by the good vibes that go through your body when you indulge in some skate action, I started to ask myself why in my opinion Thrasher is still untouchable as far as reputation after all these years. Then the answer came automatically, thinking of how many years The Skate Bible had the hard task to report the most rad & gnarly skateboarding there is: because Thrasher never gets old, just like like the feeling of skateboarding.

You may bring in all you want: sporting goods companies, energy drinks, fancy socks, funny wax blocks, dudes skating 1300 dollars shoes but one thing doesn’t change. I’m talking about the sensation of rolling on concrete and the feeling you get when you land a trick. You are your ultimate judge and only you know the feeling of freedom that comes from skateboarding.

So in order to show your love to the magazine that updates you on radness since 1981, you can support Thrasher copping a t-shirt, instead of giving your money to false prophets of any sort. I received from Fresco Distribution a variation of the Skategoat t-shirt. I am not talking about the guy that has a hard time to define his actual stance but rather about the pentagram logo with the goat featuring a truck and its wheels. It is something that sometimes you see in animations before Thrasher skate videos rather than ona whole bunch of Thrasher Skategoat items.

The message of this design is to make fun of everyone, just like it went down on the early issues of The Mag. Thrasher is like skateboarding, no doubt: never changing its original spirit but constantly evolving, . Do your part and pass by a skate shop on Fresco’s program when you can (but most of all when you feel like…).

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