Thrasher Magazine ● Skate Mag t-shirt

It’s truly incredible how this t-shirt may be perceived at different levels by different people. For a graphic designer it may look as a t-shirt with a logo made with Banco, a free download font that you can make yours for no dinero and write whatever you want with it. Then there is the last minute teenager that copped this tee just because he saw it on celebrities and models.


Last but not least we have skateboarders. Originally born as rebels without a pause, a culturally heavy part of the population worldwide, going against the grain and against gravity before they were some sort of athletes in the new millennium, before they let the masses in to cop their skate shoes and their style in general. You were probably born with a portable phone in your hands but before this era skaters were a sort of secret society where Thrasher represented the absolute truth.


A magazine born in 1981 in San Francisco by High Speed Productions, the same editor responsible for street art one and only magazine Juxtapoz, Thrasher is the media that dropped on monthly basis for decades to keep updated the skate nation.


Back in the mid 80s when I started to skate, if you crossed in the street somebody that was wearing a t-shirt with this logo your heart would beat faster. It was an effect of the joy of meeting someone that shared your same values of open mind and alternative attitude, embracing all types of countercultural music from punk to new wave, from metal to rap.


Well this is why I still love Thrasher and his radical editor Jake Phelps: the intention was pure and it still is. Too bad that so many people took Thrasher for “a cool t-shirt” with a few of them probably without even knowing that the mag exists. Me and Fresco Distribution joined forces here with Alexandra D wearing this Skate Mag t-shirt to say it once again: long live Thrasher.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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