Thrasher x ’47 x San Francisco Giants ● Goldmerrow Captain RL cap + Goldmerrow Super Rival tee

I don’t know if that recent Supreme collab with Madonna has anything to deal with it but it seems that once again… Italians do it better.

Take the Vitello family whose son Fausto is so in love with skateboarding to found with his homies Kevin Thatcher and Eric Swenson a magazine called Thrasher in 1981. Born and raised as rebels without a pose, their goal is to represent the limitless world of skateboarding in a monthly publication that incarnates the unconventional spirit of this movement based on skate action. Thrasher magazine becomes a cult among skateboarders and its standard of realness after all these years is still untouchable. Like this wasn’t enough even the street fashion world sees the potential of the Thrasher logo and this makes pop stars and fashion models alike rock Thrasher tees and hoodies.

Now think to the D’Angelo, entrepreneurial family to start their business in the sports field with a street cart run by Arthur and Henry, the twins that founded ‘47 and sealed deals with every American Sports league to give the fans the true sense of belonging to a movement through sportswear. Based in Boston their brand becomes relevant to a point to start becoming a household name distributed all over the world.

With similar paths on different fields see the two families join forces in the name of San Francisco Giants, developing a limited edition capsule that is an aficionado instant must have.

Creating caps, tees and fleeces for likeminded peeps with pride in their roots and lifestyle, the skate mag and the sportswear brand shared their love for the baseball team of the City.

As you can see from these pictures of Samira T there is a lot of love in these Goldmerrow Captain RL cap together with Goldmerrow Super Rival tee. The cap is smooth with an slightly washed unstructured crown and a stiff straight visor while the tee lets you show your love for the Mag with its screen print on the sleeve.

Do not procrastinate: the whole Thrasher x ’47 x San Francisco Giants collab is available on ’47 website for your online shopping. It makes a giant difference in the way a streetstyle expert dresses…
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