Thrasher x ’47 x San Francisco Giants ● Goldyears Captain RL

I still had one cap to show you from the recent Thrasher x ’47 x San Francisco Giants collaboration capsule. I explored far and wide how the different shapes of caps that make ’47 a leader in sportswear made up for amazing skate caps. From the smooth unstructured Clean Up to the more classic Captain snapback there is another shape that is quite common among innovative headwear brands.

Called Captain RL such shape that we already saw on that Goldmerrow outfit seems to be one of the most fresh these days. Add a Thrasher logo on the front embroidered with a gold thread to celebrate the 3 World Series won by San Francisco Giants in 2010, 2012 and 2014 and you have it: Goldyears Captain RL.

Looking closely you can see that the ’47 embroidery on the side has been toned down in a black on black color. The back shows in the trademark Giants bright orange the intertwined SF letters to show what your allegiance is about.

The effect of the straight visor with the unstructured crown is appealing to me but as you may have already figured out, ’47 makes sports caps for every one with love and respect for sport fans and their personal taste. It’s a celebration of how different path may converge in the name of love for the city of San Francisco. Probably the D’Angelo family that founded this brand would have never imagined to have in its range a skate cap one day but this is what is fresh about ’47: embracing evolution without losing its core values.

One of my core values is the deep love for headwear and ’47 never leaves me wanting for more. I guess you can call this full satisfaction. My American boy side if spoiled by an Italian family from Boston that owns a sportswear brand couldn’t be more safe. Don’t waste more time and get familiar with ’47 website now: there is a whole universe ready to drive any sport fan crazy…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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