Thrasher x ’47 X San Francisco Giants ● Onboard Clean Up

How can you say no to a ’47 Clean Up cap? I posted so many here that I lost count but the more the merrier, as they say in these cases. And how merry it is to discover that this time on this shape I can rock a Thrasher x ’47 X San Francisco Giants. I told you about this “skate meets baseball” one of a kind collab last time I posted an outfit composed by a ’47 cap and t-shirt. It truly is a unique way to collaborate considering that not only skaters are notorious for the “skate or die” attitude but because a magazine that collaborates with a team thanks to a sportswear brand is truly groundbreaking.

The only thing that comes closer to this is when ’47 made possible a collab among a skate shop called Supreme and New York Yankees but then again, we are talking about a shop and not a magazine.

It’s easy to understand how all this could happen: it’s called hometown pride. You love your city and therefor you love its sport teams and the whole Thrasher squad is composed by die hard San Francisco Giants fans with T.Ed. in chief Jake Phelps among them all.

The cap that Francesca L is wearing is called Onboard Clean Up and it also has Onboard Hoodie that goes with it with the same essential graphics that puts under your eyes one of the most effective logos of the last decades. In the back you have a small SF woven label where the closure is and an embroidery of a pillar.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to the reason one may cop a Dad Hat like this: you may love skateboarding, you are a Giants fan, you love to represent your hometown or simply you like caps with a crispy shape like Clean Up whose formula is hard to duplicate. I have more of this collab coming next week, don’t you forget it but in the meantime…
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