Thrasher x ’47 x San Francisco Giants ● Goldfront Thrasher Captain + Goldfronts Thrasher Super Rival tee

I would love with this post to open your eyes on the actual importance of that magazine that skaters love called Thrasher. I see Thrasher tees every time I put my big nose out my house and I can figure out looking at the faces of those that wear it that they don’t know much about the mag in itself but also about skateboarding.

Skateboarding is a fine art: the art of reimagine city streets as a playground where infinite masterpieces can be created. Thrasher is a magazine by the Vitello family. Their intention was (and still is) to create a media so reliable about what it actually represents what skaters dubbed it “the skate Bible”.

Even if sporting goods infiltrated the market and 2020 will be the year of the first skate Olympics ever, this magazine keeps the original spirit alive. All this with an attitude that stays true to the game like none of those kids that wear “just another logo” could even imagine.

If it’s on Thrasher it is a certified banger that breaks new terrain or at least takes to the extreme what was done before. Try to do all the above spanned over three decades (well, it will be four in 2021) with all the respect and the support of the skate community worldwide.

Well, now the skate Bible can count a new trick under its belt: the collaboration with ’47 and San Francisco baseball team: the Giants. Do you think that MLB would have played this collaboration game with some weak player? It is pretty self explanatory.

What I may explain you is that these items are part of a collab that we saw in detail already with the Goldmerrow cap and tee outfit rather than with the Onboard Clean Up.

These items here worn by Kim M are part of that collab too and they are called Goldfront Thrasher Captain and Goldfronts Thrasher Super Rival tee.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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