“Through the lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold/I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe” (Nas)

I remember that in an old Big Brother magazine the now hidden “freestyler gone skate mogul”Steve Rocco that is behind Dwindle Distribution was defined King of all Pocketphones. This alone makes you understand that before this era that we are living in, to own a cellular phone was an elite thing. Then we had the Motorola era, where the goal was to have the smallest phone ever. Then it was Nokia time when they revolutionized the show with tough phones easy to use. Then again phones became also cameras and this allowed anybody to connect images from phone to phone. In this social network era where you share online even the hair on the butt of your cat, iPhone is the undisputed king. Even David Swift, a photographer turned photo editor, turned editor of The Skateboard Mag is now part of the Instagram network. It’s evident that iPhone represents to the fullest the skater spirit: down for fun and innovative. Ready for everything that the streets puts him to test. The last cover that I saw is the one that is displayed here: Cliché Skateboards. I called Lorenzo F at Blast! Distribution and I told him that this item needed to be posted on my blog. Let me admit one thing, I don’t own an iPhone. But Project-On, the agency I work for, gave me an iPad, so I thought that if would have been fresh to get creative with one of its graphic applications for pictures. I hope not to disappoint anybody here, but the fake camera pictured on this unique case sparkled my immagination. Why not to have a funny tone, while explaining the deal about this hi tech gadget that would be on top of wish lists for all die hard skaters? I know that Cliché will laugh about this, they are always down for intelligent ideas that represents them properly. I know that at Blast! they will shook their heads like: “Poor Maxie, he crossed the line, there is nothing that we can do about it…”. But I also know that you can’t wait to make fun of people showin’ them your fake camera. I also gotta warn you that this works great even if you don’t skate, so skate purists don’t get mad if you see this Incipio product in the hands of somebody that doesn’t roll on concrete like you do. Maybe it’s time to realize that you too can have a laugh from time to time. If you find it hard still, try to download some apps for your iPhone, take some pics and make funny posts on your blog. It may work.

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