“Throwin my clothes out the windows/so when the wind blows I see my polos and Timbos” (The Notorious Big)

Wind blowing is a global problem. You can be a skater at the end of a session, a clubber going from his environment to the harsh weather conditions of this cruel world or a tennis player at the end of his match, you need to do something. Who wants to spend days sick at home with pain in his bones because of some wind? You’re right: nobody. Ellesse Heritage knows this and knows even the remedy. A cool old school Nylon shiny jacket can solve your problem. Let alone the fact that you’re rocking a brand of taste that won’t turn you into a clone of your friend but will express to the fullest how unique you are. What are the details that make this item superior? Craftmanship is everything but cheap. This jacket is made of a double layer of fabric with a black interior that has that much needed inside pocket. Finally a genius that understood how much useful that feature is. Another feature that kills me is the hood inside the collar. If you ever ride a motorbike or a scooter you know how much the hood outside keeps on flying left and right like a flag. Not here. Your hood is out only when you need it. This is a lord item. It’s not by accident that I got Vittorio A modeling for it. Only a lord can survive with white cuffs and waistband like these. If you’re thinking that these should have been black there is a reason: you’re a villain about to reveal his true nature. The colour combo is perfect and even if there is some turquoise in the middle the other neutral colours make it far from those 2008 combination of purple and turquoise. So yes, there is some vivid colour here and no, you don’t look like an hipster fashion victim of the late hour, but just a clean looking dude ready to conquer everything like your name was Julius Ceasar. To conquer hearts, of course. Yes, you can talk tech all you want but this item emotionally speaking is a heartbreaker, not only a windbreaker. It can do miracles for your self esteem and you will blame it on you, not understanding that it’s all a matter of what you wear, in this case. You’re lucky to have me by your side, taking my time to explain you even these side effects, otherwise confusion will take over.

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