“Thugs they be booing and screwing, we canoeing/claim they doin the same sh*t we doin, f*ck your unit” (Ghostface Killah)

There are a bunch of collaborations around but this may get a few people confused. No, it’s not a collaboration with Dickies skateboarding, it’s just the evolution of a concept that used a Dickies shirt as the base. Yes, it’s a collaboration among DVS and that studio that we are well familiar by now called Uprising Creative. I can’t do nothing but love the work ethic of these guys: from Linkin Park website to a deluxe packaging of the Beastie Boys book, they are no joke when it comes to the list of their customers. It’s quite evident that the number two is a Harley Davidson logo knockoff. I love knockoffs to death. I grew up as a skateboarder in the 90s and from H-Street, to World Industries, all we wanted to have were those boards making fun of something belonging to the establishment outside our world. DVS is so sick that they couldn’t care less about what is outside our world: they just love to give us new outstanding ideas to get stoked on. This work shirt is repping America’s working class. Nothing to deal with your flavour of the month company adding a label tag on a made in China ultra light shirt  that is gonna rip after three times that you wash it. This is stuff built to abuse, made in Mexico. Sweat like there is no tomorrow in a pool session with your skate bros or get drunk at a summer bbq with it. Rock it attending a fmx competition to look fresh or use it as an attention magnet at the club, there is really no fun activity that this shirt won’t be suitable for. Once again Fresco Distribution delivers to The Maxiemillion headquarters something that has a distinct flavor, ready to spice your summer style. And if haters don’t like it you don’t even need to wear this with that pendant that was posted yesterday: the message for them is on the left pocket.

Con tutte le collaborazioni in circolazione, questa rischiava di confondervi le idee. Si tratta di un concept sviluppato da Uprising Creative per conto di DVS su una base che altro non è che una classica camicia da workwear di Dickies. Uprising Creative è lo studio grafico che vanta tra i propri clienti da Linkin Park per il loro sito web, ai Beastie Boys per il packaging dell’edizione speciale del loro libro. Non vi piace come è stato preso in giro il classico numero 1 di Harley Davidson?A me da morire. Tutti i remake per divertimento di simboli e loghi fuori dal mondo street mi sono sempre piaciuti. Del resto negli anni 90 era quello che era costantemente sotto i nostri occhi a livello grafico, sulle tavole da skate. DVS è sempre pronta a proporre novità d’impatto, senza esclusione di colpi e Fresco Distribution di conseguenza è pronto a girarle a The Maxiemillion. Dove mettere questa camicia è presto detto: ovunque ci sia del divertimento: dalla session in skate, al barbecue, passando per la competizione di fmx fino al club dove la userete per attirare gli sguardi. Strutturalmente bella tosta, questa camicia made in Mexico è pronta ad essere usata ed abusata. Voi siete pronti? Non abbiate paura delle critiche: la risposta agli haters è già stampata sulla tasca sinistra

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