“Timberland, sweat pants, sacks of hydro/the dirtiest flow in magazines like Whoa” (Rah Digga)

Let’s make it simple and short this time: when you should wear a sweatpant?

a) going to sleep

b) going to breakdance

c) going to the gym

d) going to jog

Just say no to:

1) chicks wearing sweatpants with designer glasses and fake LV bag

2) scooter boys thinkin’ “it’s ghetto style”

3) lazy motherfu****s pretending “it’s comfy”

This one here is good for purposes from a) to d), so don’t miss this Urban Classics item if you’re in need of a proper way to cover your legs and just feel at ease with life. Easy people to contact in order to have this garment in your shop are Boma Agency. Tell them you’re down with a-b-c-d plan.

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