Estevan Oriol ● Sanctioned + Upper Playground tees

It’s not uncommon for Estevan Oriol to be featured on this blog. The last time we caught him in between a limited release collaboration of a tee shirt with Upper Playground and his shooting for Frank 151. Now he has some more in stock for us and it’s bangin as usual. Joker brand, the company owned by him and his partner in business Mister Cartoon, is still dressing the Latino community worldwide or those that simply stick with a lifestyle made of barrio dreams of money, power and respect. A creative outlet straight outta the minds of the SA studios, this is not the only project related to clothing that has Estevan Oriol to back it up. Estevan has his own signature line of t shirts and hoodies under the Upper Playground cartel and I am glad to show you a preview here of what is about to drop in a couple of weeks at all the selected retailers in the old continent that carry his clothing collection. These pictures of fine females respectively called Stripes and Corset will be available on t-shirts and hoodies and I’m happy to say that I see that this grandmaster has never lost his magic touch for a minute. Intense and hot women from Los Angeles make your fantasy fly away like you were Lenny Kravitz on a guitar. But it’s not over yet. Last move from Mister Cartoon and our hero has been to create a line of products for the care of your car. Rims, interiors and paint of extraordinary cars can count on a new ally for their longevity with a proper shine from now on: Sanctiond. These guys have been around car shows their whole life, plus no place in the world like Los Angeles is a non stopping car show, so they definately know what it takes to transform a good idea in an excellent product. They even entered with Sanctiond the world famous rally Gumball 3000 and it seems that their presence there was felt as a blessing as you can see from the report on Estevan Oriol blog. I feel their presence as a blessing even here. Now I’m sorry but I gotta go take care of the shine of my car, later guys…


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  2. Estevan Oriol 4 August 2012

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